Our Philosophy

Mail and digital advertising that is concise, compelling, and informative.

Our advertising is individualized to meet the needs and demographics of your audience. No canned art or messages. Our work is as individual and unique as you.

Every firm says their creative designs and messaging stick out. The truth is, there isn’t much difference between most firms’ mail or digital advertising. Mail is especially templated by some of our competitors. You’ve probably seen dozens of samples that have a candidate looking at the camera with their arms crossed, a message copied from a poll, and the same three bullet points on the back of each piece of mail. If you’re lucky, the mail shown to you by another firm wasn’t used by them in another race.

If you want a firm that cuts corners and sells you the exact same work they’ve done for another candidate–then we aren’t for you.

Our philosophy is simple: Meet voters where they are. According to a Pew Research Study, 81% of Americans use YouTube, while 69% use Facebook and 23% use Twitter. One-third of Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents use Twitter. This means voters are consuming information delivered in a quick format with concise, easy-to-remember information.

Mail and digital advertising needs to do the same. Concise, compelling, and informative.

If we want to run and win modern campaigns, then it’s time we use modern techniques to persuade voters.

That is what Navigate Campaigns brings to your team–a new, modern, and fresh approach to digital and print advertising.


Mike Luce

Navigate founder Mike Luce is a seasoned campaign strategist, having served as a campaign manager, caucus director, and digital and direct mail consultant. He has crafted direct mail strategies for campaign races from mayoral to presidential and everything in between, as well as independent expenditures and legislative caucus programs.

Mike is not only a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan but a fan of all things St. Louis. He’s quick to point out famous St. Louisans any chance he gets, and he firmly believes that the drive from St.Louis to Kansas City is “incredibly scenic.”

In addition to Democratic politics, Mike is an avid movie buff. He lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and two young sons. When he’s not teaching his boys about the Jedi and the ways of the Force, he’s bingeing Seinfeld and cooking great vegan food. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia, where he majored in history.

Sophia Burnett

Sophia is a seasoned campaign professional with a diverse range of experiences in the political space. She has served as a field organizer, campaign manager, and played a pivotal role in managing a multi-million-dollar direct mail program.

Eager to remove Donald Trump from the White House, Sophia’s political journey began with her involvement in Pete Buttigieg’s campaign in Iowa. She subsequently dedicated her talents to Democratic campaigns at both the state and federal levels in Indiana and Georgia.

Among Sophia’s recent accomplishments is her role in Progressive Turnout Project’s inaugural political team. Here, she helped lead their strategic federal mail program, successfully safeguarding 14 seats held by vulnerable Democratic incumbents across nine states.

Now, Sophia brings her wealth of experience and passion for progress to the team at Navigate Campaigns. With a commitment to making a difference from the top of the ticket to the grassroots level, she is determined to continue the fight for positive change.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sophia is an avid reader, yogi, and Chicago sports fan. Go Cubs Go!